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    • Zhejiang are the Champions of the Chinese Super League 2011

      So there we have it everyone. After 14 rounds and 3 final legs we now have our Chinese Super League champions! Zhejiang performed superbly with Ma Lin, Hao Shuai, Xu Hui and foreign aid Timo Boll to conquer China's and the worlds top table tennis league! This final was epic and couldn't of gone any closer! Read and watch below on this exciting table tennis final!

      Photo by: sports.cn

      Chen Jian head coach of the Zhejiang team had this to say on winnning the Chinese Super League 2011. "At this very critical moment for Zhejiang, I am very grateful for the efforts of our players and the support of our leaders. These five years, we and Zhejiang bank have been very happy. Every year our goal was very conservative and just be in the top three clubs. This year, we finally realised our dream of being the champions and this made our relationship much stronger." He went on to say, "As for us, we achieved victory due to our hard work and luck!"

      The 3rd and final leg of the Chinese Super League final took place on the 10th September 2011. Both teams Zhejiang and Bazhou were levelled at 1-1 going into the 3rd leg of the final. The last leg has found its winners!

      First Match
      (Ma Lin vs Cui Qinglei)

      The opening match up was a spectucluar with Zhejiang's main player Ma Lin up against Bazhou's Cuiglei. The first set went to the Bazhou with an 11-8 victory. Ma Lin redeemed himself to win the second set 11-9. Ma Lin went on to win the match 3-1.

      Zhejiang 1-0 Bazhou

      Second Match
      (Hao Shuai vs Xu Xin)

      In the second match it was between Chinese National team partners Xu Xin and Hao Shuai. Zhejiang's Hao Shuai took of to a flying start winning the first set 11-9. Xu Xin recovered for Bazhou to win the second set 11-7. Xu Xin's momentum carried him through to win the third set 11-8.

      Hao Shuai put out an incredible performance in the fourth set to win 11-4. In the fifth and final set Xu Xin won the vital points from his serves and receives to win the set 11-7. Watch the awesome video below.

      Zhejiang 1-1 Bazhou

      Third Match
      (Hao Shuai vs Xu Hui)

      The overall score was levelled at 1-1 with both teams neck and neck! Zhejiang's Xu Hui and Hao Shuai defeated Chen Jingqi and Zhai Chao by three games to nil with scores 11-8, 11-7 and 11-6.

      Zhejiang 2-1 Bazhou

      Fourth Match (Ma Lin vs Xu Xin)

      The fourth match was vital for Bazhou's survival. Zhejiang with their 2-1 lead meant Xu Xin had to win his match against the reigning Olympic champion Ma Lin.

      Ma Lin won the first set 11-7 which Xu Xin responded in the second set to win 11-8.

      In the third set Xu Xin won 11-5 with some incredible fighting performances in the rallies. Ma Lin won the fourth set however Xu Xin was the man on the night and had the better of Ma Lin and won the fifth set 12-10.

      Zhejiang 2-2 Bazhou

      Fifth Match (Cheng Jinqi vs Xu Hui)

      The overall match score was now levelled at 2-2. The atmosphere was tense in the arena! Bazhou's Cheng Jingqi and Zhejiang's Xu Hui had it all to play for!

      In the first set Xu Hui took of to a flying start to win 11-9. Cheng from Bazhou soon responded with a 13-11 win in the second set. In the third set Xu Hui destroyed Cheng winnning 11-5 with his amazing table tennis shots!

      Cheng of Bazhou won the fourth set 11-7. Now things were heated! It was all or nothing for both players!

      This is the Chinese Super League final of finals!

      In the fifth set Xu Hui took a 8-5 lead. Xu managed to grit and fight the vital points and won the final set! The crowd erupted!

      Zhejiang are the Chinese Super League champions of the world!

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      Big thanks to youtuber Janus770 for his amazing video coverage of the event! Also a big thanks to the best table tennis article site in the world. TableTennisTa

      Hope you enjoyed the games everyone!

      Stay tuned for next year!


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