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    • Timo Boll is the European Table Tennis Champion! (VIDEO)

      Timo Boll is the new European Table Tennis Champion on the 16th October 2011! Timo defeated team mate Patrick Baum in the mens singles final by 4 games to 1.

      What an outstanding performance Boll showed throughout the whole competition. Timo never looked like he was going to lose at any stage of the competition and showed this week how he is the one to beat in Europe and also the world!

      Photo by: Associated Press

      Timo Boll defeated Patrick Baum by 4 games to 0 with scores: 11-7, 6-11, 11-3, 11-7, 11-8

      On route to the final Boll beat Pavel Platonov 4-0, Joao Monteiro 4-1, Daniel Habesohn 4-0, Adrien Mattenet 4-0, Bojan Tokic 4-0 and Patrick baum 4-1.

      What a superb tournament it has been! I hope you have enjoyed all our live feeds and updates with us at TableTennisDaily. Have a fantastic week!

      Stay tuned!

      Congratulations Timo Boll!
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      1. nicson123's Avatar
        nicson123 -
        timo boll you are the best!!!! :d
      1. YosuaYosan's Avatar
        YosuaYosan -
        Not surprising Timo is just too good.
      1. Gonzalospain's Avatar
        Gonzalospain -
        patrick baum is also quite good but Timo is awesome, the best!
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