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    Red Foo vs Sky Blu in a Table Tennis shuffle! (LMFAO)

    More celebrities have stepped up to the table tennis table, which is increasing the sports recognition on a global scale! In the video below you can see LMFAO's Sky Blu and Red Foo in a celebrity showdown! Both players are seen having a fantastic time, it seems many celebrities are taking to the table tennis tables in their spare time! It appears the duo have played many times before as they are pretty skillful players

    Watch Red Foo vs Sky Blu playing table tennis in this extremely funny video below!

    Click here to watch more celebrities playing table tennis including Nadal, Vitali Klitschko andNovak Djokovic.

    Unsure who LMFAO are? I'm sure this song will jog your memory .

    What do you all think?
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    1. Matt Hetherington's Avatar
      hehe i watched this a few days ago, they seem quite skillful for celebs
    1. YosuaYosan's Avatar
      YosuaYosan -
      Celebs with the best skill in hardbat (or is it?)
      They seem to be spending quite some time playing table tennis when they're off duty
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