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    Wang Hao practices forehand counter in WSA! (VIDEO)

    The 5th day of training has come to a close for the Chinese National Team at the Werner Schlager Academy, with footage of the players training now coming in! The practice below is between World number 3 Wang Hao and Chen Qi!

    Wang Hao's forehand counter looks in fine shape and seems to be in good condition for the upcoming World Team Table Tennis Championships! Its also important to note Chen Qi's new serve. It looks very unique and deceptive.

    Video below of Wang Hao and Xu Xin: Thanks to Darius Knight for this footage!

    For more, videos, photos and news of the Chinese National team preparing for the World Team Championships at the Werner Schlager Academy click here
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    1. Scorpnox's Avatar
      Scorpnox -
      No that was Chen qi
    1. Michellius's Avatar
      Michellius -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bryce View Post
      More videos please! Especially if its featuring ma long!
      Not sure, but I think this one was featuring Ma Long
      Or am I wrong?
    1. Bryce's Avatar
      Bryce -
      More videos please! Especially if its featuring ma long!
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