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    Timo Boll defeats Olympic Champion Zhang Jike!

    Timo Boll today put in a fantastic performance, playing his best to beat new Olympic champion Zhang Jike in 4 sets. The atmosphere in the arena was fantastic as the crowd chanted ‘Timo’, helping him on the way to victory.

    After Ma Longs win over Dimitri Ovtcharov in the first game of the semi-finals, Zhang Jike walked on to the table confident of his chance against Boll. Boll has not been at his best throughout the tournament so far, being beaten by Jorgen Persson in the first stage of the men’s team events.

    Timo Boll had a great start in the first match taking an 8-6 lead. However, Zhang Jike went on to win the next 5 points in a row and taking the end 11-8.

    The second set saw more of Timo Boll’s skill which hadn’t been displayed at its fullest so far in the competition. Throughout the second set, he used topspin and touch play to great effect, taking the end 11-8.

    More great play was showcased in the third set with some spectacular rallies and some great play by the world number one Zhang Jike but Timo Boll still dominated the end, taking him into a 2-1 lead.

    The crowd really got behind the German in the fourth set chanting Timo’s name. Zhang Jike put up a good fight against Boll’s attacking style but in the end he could not defeat the former European champion he took the end and the match.

    Congratulations to Timo Boll who played spectacularly.

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    Alice Gregory- TableTennisDaily

    Twitter- @aliceg94
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    1. Vector Operator's Avatar
      Vector Operator -
      Timo Boll defeats Olympic Champion Zhang Jike!

      Watch & Enjoy!

      Quote Originally Posted by Filip View Post
      Yeah, I really want to see that match, anyone a link?
    1. DimitrijOvtcharov's Avatar
      It's too bad that Dima missed that smash in third set when result was 9-9.that he was able to win this point I think it would take the set.And Germany would have 2-0 in matches.
    1. YosuaYosan's Avatar
      YosuaYosan -
      Well shame he didn't play that well in the singles.

      On one side Timo must be happy to win his team a point yet on the other side probably an unfulfilled regret rose in his heart..
    1. Filip's Avatar
      Filip -
      Yeah, I really want to see that match, anyone a link?
    1. sid.javed's Avatar
      sid.javed -
      can sumbody give a link here to the highlights of the match or there aren't any?
    1. SpartonNZL's Avatar
      SpartonNZL -
      Watched it live in NZ and it was worth it. Timo is my favorite player and was cheering for him and was extremely happy when he won. Zahng played well, Timo played even better. Well done!
    1. 101010's Avatar
      101010 -
      Good effort indeed.

      I just wonder why ZJK didn't do his signature reverse pendulum serve even once. Maybe he had a bet running with his team mates whether he can beat Boll without it?
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