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    Mike Mezyan's Artwork Receives Huge Interest By TT Olympians!

    Mike Mezyan Table Tennis Artworks has really stepped up the pace over the last few months. We Got Word Mike Mezyan Table Tennis Artworks has been viewed by a Huge number of top table tennis players in the world during the London 2012 Olympics and created such a buzz there! The picture below is Mike's 10th Table Tennis Card Design Featuring The All Mighty Table Tennis Killerspin Super Star CHEN QI , Chen Qi Born From Within The Sun That Never Sets....Fueled With The Fire That Rages from Within..His World Within a Ball...

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    We thought we would share with you some of Mike's best artwork here for you all to see!

    The Artwork Design below Features Killerspin Table Tennis Superstar Sharath Kamal Achanta. Artwork called "Burning Karma"

    The artwork below features TableTennisDaily member and London 2012 Olympian William Henzell. Echos Of The Past Unravelling every Night...a Scream Of Victory That Transcend Time...A Game That Haunts The Mind and The Soul Forever...Please,Have a Seat on The Staircase and Hold On To Your Reality...

    The picture below is one we love, known as "Killerspin Night Of Dreams". Always Dream The Impossible Dream, Fight the Unbeatable Foe, Loop Your Fears Away And Serve With Your Inner Light, Strive With Your Last Ounce Of Courage, To Reach The Unreachable Bright Moon Up High In The Skies... Cause even If You Miss The Moon.. You Will Still Land Among The Stars...

    This is a fantastic new one below called "The Heart Of a Champion" Our Heart is Our Racket....Do You Feel Your's Shinning Within you?

    The artwork below is called the "Wall Of Dreams".. Dreams Pass Into The Reality Of Action. From The Actions Stems The Dream Again, And This Interdependence Produces The Highest Form Of Living....Every Great Dream Begins With A Dreamer, You Have Within You The Strength, The Patience, And The Passion To Reach For The Stars To Change The World...

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    1. mmezyan's Avatar
      mmezyan -
      thank you very much! )
    1. Dan's Avatar
      Dan -
      Quote Originally Posted by Tek101 View Post
      this is sweet. The Chen Qi one cracks me up
      Haha yes I love the Chen Qi one! Thanks Mike for your amazing artworks!
    1. Tek101's Avatar
      Tek101 -
      this is sweet. The Chen Qi one cracks me up
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