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    • Timo Boll Defeats Zhang Jike In Round 2 Of The Chinese Super League! (VIDEO)

      Today on the 23rd June the 2013 Chinese Super League round 2 took place! The formidable Chinese Super League is well underway now with foreign stars supporting the super power Chinese teams. In round 2 Zhang Jike's Shandong faced Timo Boll's Jiangsu in an epic duel. Elsewhere, Ma Long's Ningbo faced Guangdong, Wang Hao's Bayi took on Tianjin and Xu Xin's Bazhou played Shanghai. Results below and videos to come shortly on TableTennisDaily.

      Timo Boll - Photo by: fengniao.com

      Men's Round 2 Results

      Four matches took place in the round 2 of the Chinese Super League. All matches pretty much went the right way but a close hard thought battle went to Shandong and Jiangsu.

      Shandong 3-2 Jiangsu

      Timo Boll was the first player up for Jiangsu and gave them their first point on the scoring board defeating Zhang Chao 3-1. In the second match of this heated battle, Shandong's Zhang Jike defeated Ma Lin in a close 5 set duel with scores 11-9, 8-11, 11-7, 6-11, 7-5. Shandong stormed into a 2-1 lead as Zhang Chao and Fang Bo defeated Ma Lin and Chen Qi 2-0 the doubles match.

      In the fourth match of the night, Zhang Jike met Timo boll. Jike opened the first set with a 11 to 6 point win. However Europe's Timo Boll kept persisting and won the match defeating the 2013 WTTC Champion in a full five sets with scores 6-11, 11-3, 8-11, 11-6, 7-1.

      The crowd was tense in Shandong's arena. The fifth and final match went to the wire with host team Fang Bo defeating Chen Qi in 3 sets (11-9, 6-11, 7-4). Shangdong are victorious!

      Zhang Chao 1-3 Timo Boll
      Zhang Jike 3-1 Ma Lin
      Zhang Chao/Fang Bo 2-0 Ma Lin/Chan Qi
      Zhang Jike 2-3 Timo Boll
      Fang Bo 2-1 Chen Qi

      Ningbo 3-0 Guangdong

      Ma Long 3-0 Liu Jikang
      Yan An 3-0 Yin Hang
      Yan An/Lin Gaoyuan 2-1 Liu Jikang/Li Yang

      Shanghai 3-1 Bazhou

      Xu Xin 3-0 Zhai Chao
      Shang Kun 3-1 Liang Jingkun
      Shang Kun and Zhang Yang lost to Zhai Chao/Cheng Jingqi
      Xu Xin 3-2 Liang Jingkun

      Bayi 3-0 Tianjin

      Wang Hao 3-0 Pan Deng
      Zhou Yu 3-0 Li Ping
      Zhou Yu/Fan Zhendong 2-1 Pan Deng/Chang Yeuk

      Hao Shuai and Chuang Cih Yuan were absent for Tianjin due to their efforts in the Japan Open.

      For all the latest news, results, videos and rare photos of the Chinese Super League and all the stars click here. To catch up on all the latest matches from the worlds strongest table tennis league visit our Media Library.

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      Source: TableTennisTa
      Written by: Dan Ives
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      1. LimWug's Avatar
        LimWug -
        This video may have some problems, since I cannot hear anything at the beginning.
      1. Matt Hetherington's Avatar
        Nice start to the season for Timo, it will be interesting to see what he learned from last time he played in China and whether he can bring something new back to his second season there.
      1. tankcap's Avatar
        tankcap -
        Great start to Timo Boll's campaign in the Chinese Super league!
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