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    Wang Hao Ties The Knot At The Wedding Of The Year!

    One of China’s most popular table tennis players Wang Hao made the headlines in newspapers and across several websites in China after tying the knot on 29th June 2013 with his beloved wife Yan Boya. Wang Hao expressed, "I have participated in 3 Olympic finals, I thought that was nerve racking, I was much more nervous on this special day!". Exculsive video footage now in here.

    Wang Hao commented on his new wife in adoration “In particular I like her simplicity, she is not impulsive and she has never seen me as a big star and even hoped that the public would not find out about us. She is very low profile and never compares me to others”.

    The three times Olympic silver medallist had team mate and World Champion Zhang Jike as one of his three best men, other table tennis stars who were also present at the wedding include Ma Lin, Wang Liqin, Chen Qi, Hao Shuai, Xu Hui, Qiu Yike, Li Ping, Hou Yingchao, Wang Nan and Li Xiaoxia.

    Liu Guoliang said. Me and Wang Hao have been through many ups and downs together, I have so many emotions right now. Wang Hao is one of the best athletes in the world".

    Unfortunately due to a flight being delaying owing to bad weather Kong Linghui was unable to make the wedding and had to stay behind in Beijing. Zhang Jike also faced some problems when travelling as his flight to Chuangchun his flight was delayed for a few hours and as a result this meant that he only arrived into Chuangchun at 5am, this meant that he was only able to get a quick twenty minute nap before having to get dressed and prepare for the wedding.

    Greeting videos were made by other table tennis players Timo Boll, Ma Long, Xu Xin, Guo Yue and Dimitrij Ovtcharov and were shown at the wedding.

    Wang Hao won’t be getting much rest after the wedding as he will be preparing himself for yet another major event in his life later this year as his new wife Yan Boya is due to give birth at the end of this year.

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    Source & Photos: sports.sohu.com
    Written by: Emily Standing
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    1. Samuraisam 3467's Avatar
      Samuraisam 3467 -
      Very happy for wang hao and his new wife such a great sportsman and athlete
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      Dan -
      Quote Originally Posted by kharlitos892 View Post
      where the greeting video of other players?....
      We are looking for it
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      kharlitos892 -
      where the greeting video of other players?....
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