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    • What A Great Opening Weekend For The German League 2013/2014 Season!

      On the 31st of August and 1st September the German League 2013/2014 season took of to a flying start! Each team has invested into the incredible live streaming thanks to the new innovation by TTBL-TV, so all internet users can now watch the German League live at their screens. TTBL-TV have given TableTennisDaily the permission to embed the stream onto our website, so all TableTennisDaily users can watch together in one place. Round 1 full results below.

      Timo Boll - Photo by: volksstimme.de

      31st August Round 1 Results

      Borussia Dusseldorf 3-1 TTC Grenzau

      Timo Boll 3:1 Masaki Yoshida
      Patrick Baum 0:3 Andrej Gacina
      Sharath Achanta 3:2 Lubomir Jancarik
      Timo Boll 3:0 Andrej Gacina

      RhönSprudel TTC Fulda-Maberzell 3-1 Post SV Mulhouse

      Wang Xi 3:0 Lars Hielscher
      Patrick Franziska 1:3 Mattis Burgis
      Ruwen Filus 3:0 David Petr
      Wang Xi 3:2 Mattis Burgis

      1st September Round 1 Results

      SV Pluederhausen 3-2 TTC matec Frickenhausen

      Adrien Mattenet 3:0 Yang Wang
      Fengtian Bai 0:3 Koki Niwa
      Andrew Baggaley 3:1 Steffen Mengal
      Adrien Mattenet 1:3 Koki Niwa
      Fengtian Bai 3:1 Yang Wang

      TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen 3-2 TTC Hagen

      Karill Skachkov 2:3 Maharu Yoshimura
      Liam Pitchford 1:3 Jonathan Groth
      Simon Gauzy 3:1 Ovidiu Lonescu
      Karill Skachkov 3:1 Jonathan Groth
      Liam Pitchford 3:1 Maharu Yoshimura

      SV Werder Bremen 3-0 FC Saarbrücken TT

      Chuang Chih Yuan 3:0 Bojan Tokic
      Constantin Cioti 3:0 Bastian Steger
      Adrian Crisan 3:0 Tiago Apolonia

      For all the latest news, results and videos from the German League click here.

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      1. Tomdavis's Avatar
        Tomdavis -
        You should make a table so you can keep track of who is winning
      1. Dan's Avatar
        Dan -
        Quote Originally Posted by Tomdavis View Post
        You should make a table so you can keep track of who is winning
        Thanks for the suggesting, we will do this Here are full results, tables etc over at the ttbl website: http://ttbl.de/bundesliga_spielplan
      1. Darthray's Avatar
        Darthray -
        Quite dissapointed with FC Saarbrücken T can't lie to you ...
      1. Steven's Avatar
        Steven -
        True, but SV Werder Bremen is really really strong. Both Crisan and Cioti played amazing last season as well as today.
      1. SpinQuark's Avatar
        SpinQuark -
        Glad to see Liam Pitchford is playing in the German League. Looks a good prospect to me and this should help bring him on. Look forward to watching his matches.
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