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    Yan An Is This Years Swedish Open Champion! (VIDEO)

    Today on the 1st December the Men's Singles final took place at the Swedish Open 2013 - ITTF World Tour in the city of Stockholm! The Men's Singles final saw China's Yan An take on compatriot Fan Zhendong. Results and video below.

    Yan An - Photo by: dohastadiumplusqatar.com

    On route to the final, Yan An eliminated Shang Kun in the quarter final and Gionis Panagiotis in the semi final. In the final hurdle Yan An met Stiga team mate Fan Zhendong. Watch the match unfold below:

    Men's Singles Final: Yan An vs Fan Zhendong

    Congratulations to Yan An winning this years Swedish Open! For all the latest news, results and videos from the Swedish Open click here. To catch up on all the latest highlighted matches from the Swedish Open visit our Media Library.

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    1. flash's Avatar
      flash -
      I agree that Yan played to FZD f/h and tried to keep it away from his b/h. I think FZD prefers to win points with his back hand. Yan An kept FZD guessing so he couldn't get into position to play his b/h, especially on serves.
    1. Burns's Avatar
      Burns -
      Yan An looked so comfortable against Fan Z.D.

      Yan was able to survive the powerful backhands from Fan and force forehand shots out of Fan.
      Yan's game plan must have been to win points with the forehand, from watching the match Yan had a better forehand where as Fan had a better backhand. However, Yan was able to execute his gameplan better and win the match.
    1. M51's Avatar
      M51 -
      Terrific tournament! Too bad that European stars skipped it. Fan Zhendong and Zhou Yu played a spectacular quarterfinal match, and the semifinal match between Fan and Xu Xin was a pure delight to watch.

      Yan An displayed some truly superb table tennis and deserved the title.
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