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    Persson, Mattenet and Ariel Hsing Join China Leagues This Year!

    The Chinese Super League has welcomed new foreign players this year, other than Timo Boll and Dimitrij Ovtcharov the new foreign players that have been confirmed to be competing in China this season include, Adrien Mattenet, Jorgen Persson and Ariel Hsing. Adrien Mattenet and Jorgen Persson will play in the 1st division Jia A whilst Ariel Hsing will play in the women's china super league!

    This will be the second time German players Timo Boll and Dimitrij Ovtcharov have competed in the Chinese Super league and so their participation does not come as a surprise especially as they’re the biggest threat to China and are already very well-known within the country.

    Timo Boll will be playing for Shandong Luneng and will be teammates with Zhang Jike, Fang Bo, Hao Shuai and others, meanwhile Dimitrij Ovtcharov will be playing for Jiangsu and will be playing alongside players such as Cui Qinglei, Zhang Chao and Cai Wei.

    Jorgen Persson who has recently shown he is still in great shape is a newcomer this year and will be playing for Tianjin in the Super division Jia A of the super league, Frenchman Adrien Mattenet who last year played for Luneng in the 1st division Jia A and has announced on his Facebook that he will this year be returning to the same club.

    Ariel Hsing also announced via her Facebook that she will be competing this year, the American player stated that she will be playing for Jinhua Bank in the Chinese Super League alongside Hu Limei. Brazil are also competing as a women’s team made up of Caroline Kumahara, Jessica Yamada, Lin Gui and Ligia Silva is set to compete in the second division.

    Other top players that will be participating this season include Joo Sae Hyuk who will be playing for Ningbo with Ma Long and Yan An, Chuang Chih-Yuan will be playing for Tianjin and Hong Kong’s Jian Tianyi will be playing for Shandong with Ma Lin. Also Singapore’s Yin Jingyuan and Slovakia’s Wang Yang are playing in Guangdong.

    The Chinese Super League divisions are made up as seen below:

    Super division/league
    Jia A - 1st divsion
    Jia B - 2nd division
    Jia C - 3rd division
    Jia D - 4th division
    Yi A - 5th division - etc

    For all the latest news, results, videos and rare photos of the Chinese Super League and all the stars click here. To catch up on all the latest matches from the worlds strongest table tennis league visit our Media Library.

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    Source: Tony's Table Tennis
    Written by: Emily Standing
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