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    New Two Toned Ball Could Be Used Worldwide!

    The two toned ball that will be used in the semi finals of the 2014 Chinese Super League has sparked a huge interest in the table tennis world. It has been reported by the Chinese State Sports General Administration that the ball will most likely be used in International tournaments in the future as 98% of table tennis associations have shown their support.

    Next week the table tennis world will see the two toned ball (White + Orange) as pictured above used in the China Super League Semi Final and final stages.

    In May 2015, each association of the General Assembly of the ITTF will have a chance to vote to use the two toned ball in competitions. If there are enough votes, the orange/white ball will replace existing white balls in international and major competitions. According to a recent survey conducted by the Chinese State Sports General Administration, the two toned ball has become extremely popular overnight with 98% of associations worldwide showing their support.

    Each club of the China Super League will receive the new balls prior to the semi finals which begin on the 7th August, so players can adapt. It has been noted that the new balls will definitely not be used in the upcoming Asian Games as their is a limited stock supply, expressed Ceng Xiao.

    Dimitirj Ovtcharov has the new two toned ball and shared this on his Instagram and quotes, "Today I have seen the two-coloured ball for the first time which will be used in the playoffs of the Super league soon. It is made of plastic and a little bit bigger than the current ball. After having played the team Shandong of my friend Timo Boll today I'll have the chance to test the new ball in practise. I'll keep you updated!"

    What are your thoughts, should table tennis be played with the two toned ball?

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    Source: Southern Metropolis Daily, TableTennisTa
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    1. elrigo99's Avatar
      elrigo99 -
      Quote Originally Posted by hectorru View Post
      I buy a poly ball, when i use it. the sound is like it's broken. Someone has the same opinion
      It's normal, every poly ball sounds like that.
    1. hectorru's Avatar
      hectorru -
      I buy a poly ball, when i use it. the sound is like it's broken. Someone has the same opinion
    1. jarment's Avatar
      jarment -
      Why did they use a different material to make these balls?
    1. elrigo99's Avatar
      elrigo99 -
      First impact is very bad, thumbs down for the idea. Anyways we will have to wait semifinals to find out.
    1. rune1995's Avatar
      rune1995 -
      Somehow to me it looks like the new ball are oranges pokeball´s :/
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