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    • Ding Ning Is The 2014 World Cup Champion! (VIDEO)

      Today on the the 19th October the 2014 Women's World Cup took place in the Austrian city of Linz. The final consisted of World number 1 Ding Ning agaisnt reigniing Olympic Champion Li Xiaoxia!

      Ding Ning - Photo by: japantimes.co.jp

      On route to the final, Ding Ning eliminated Li Jiao, Hu Melek and Kasumi Ishikaw. In the final hurdle Ding Ning faced team mate Li Xiaoxia. Watch the final unfold below:

      Men's Singles Final: Ding Ning vs Li Xiaoxia

      Congratulations to Ding Ning. For all the latest news, results and videos from the Women's World Cup click here. To catch up on all the latest highlighted matches from the Women's World Cup visit our Media Library.

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        Old School -
        Men's Singles Final: Ding Ning vs Li Xiaoxia. TYPO.
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