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    1. FANG BO 2 is like a cheaper version of Long5. it feels a bit stiffer than Long5 but overall it feels less vibration, long dwell time, and soft feeling.

      301 feels stiffer, and the outer ply koto causes a lot of vibration.

      Yinhe V14 Pro is more like a Yinhe clone of viscaria. so less dwell time, and good counter and blocking.

      If you are playing stratus power wood, you will find a similar feeling with fang bo 2 in small power. But of course the carbon will kick in with higher power.

      Also, you will find a huge difference in feeling if playing the other 3.

      So it all come down to you. Do you want a similar blade, but with more power? or you just tired of the wood blade and want to try something fundanmentally different?
    2. Hi. I'm thinking about buying new blade and test out some Chinese rubbers. Currently playing tibhar stratus power wood. The blades I think about are
      1. DHS 301
      2. DHS Fang Bo 2
      3. Yinhe v14 pro
      4. Yinhe pro feeling. Can u say something about them?
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