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    Conversation Between YosuaYosan and Dan

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    1. Think you should change your status :P great to see you back on board bro!
    2. Hey Yosua! Not to worry, no rush at all bro

      Do what you need to do and then we can sort things out

      Great to see you still poping around tho mate
    3. Bro, I am still aware that I haven't take another photo of me about the Stiga shirt.
      I guess that using the current pic is not the best option due to several reason.. However..
      I have little to no time right now to take another photo which includes the sport I have packed my rackets too..
    4. Ah I'm sorry Dan, I am certainly not the most well informed about the women players.
      I could help but only to the minimal extent and I guess the result won't be satisfying. Won't make everyone's day that way
    5. Hey man,

      Its great! I love it Thanks so much, if you want to help with anymore that would be great .. I need to do the same with the women's from World 1 to 10
    6. The bio is not the best but thats the best I can do, feel free to do necessary changes of course

      Thanks Man
      And good evening (its 7pm there if I'm not mistaken)!
    7. Thanks Yosua! Sleep well
    8. Hehe, give or take some of your useless posts, they are awesome! Jokes bro, honestly your an incredible person! Enjoy the Slovenian Open and thanks for everything
    9. Thanks Bro!
      Its been quite some time I joined this forum.
      Its never been good.. Its always AWESOME

      Oh come on now Dan calling my posts incredible is rather an overkill. Its mostly less than one paragraph HAHA

      Its a great pleasure and honor to join such a wonderful community.
      All thanks to you my friend
    10. 2000 posts! Thanks for the incredible posts you have made to this wonderful forum Yosua!
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