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  1. I really like the h301, but carbon blades are not recommended for beginners, but they have a big sweet spot, would u say for a beginner like me i can get the h301 or should o stick with an all wood blade... would i say that h301 is like wood in feel?
  2. Well, i am a beginner a friend of mine who is 108th in Lithuania told me that Tibhar Stratus Power Wood with Victas VS 402 double extra on the backhand and Victas V 01 limber on the forehand would be ideal, but the equipment junkie in me is telling me to go for am alc blade with pro rubbers...
  3. Thats interesting... from your reviews i remember u using dhs h301 with battle 2 rubber, i want to ask you for recommendations, i want to use dhs h301 with goldarc 8 47.5 2.0mm on the backhand and a tacky chinese rubber for forehand (i dont want to use booster cause its too expensive) do u have any recommendations? Im thinking 729 battle 2 or battle 2 provincial orange sponge.
  4. Hi Motorkin.
    Right now I use Viscaria with T05/T05 for the forseeable future.
  5. Hey, Lightzy, i wanted to ask you what blade and rubber for your forehand you use?
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