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  1. hi infinity

    yes, please come next Thursday, i will hit a little bit with you and introduce you to other players, maybe closer to your level. I don't promise to hit the ball 2H or 1H with you, but we can have a knock.

    Do you need directions to go there ? btw its often very crowded, so if you want to be 100% sure to play at 7pm you MUST be there BEFORE 6:30 and register at the desk in the entrance of the TT room (8th = top floor). If you arrive , say at 7:10PM, chances are high there is no table left and you have to wait till 8PM to play...its 1H slots
    and so on...
  2. I have started and played table tennis regularly for three years, I think I am upper beginner. What time would be fine for you on Thursday? If it is fine for you, I would like to come on Thrusday (Sep14) around 19:00
  3. sure. may i ask what your level is ? Tuesday is unfortunately members only evening, you cannot get in. So it needs to be on Thursdays. I probably will be there next Thursday with some friends.
  4. Hi, I read your post in the forum regarding playing table tennis in Minato sport center. I love table tennis and am living near the sport center now and I would love to find a chance to practice regularly once a week, are you still practicing in the Minato sport center? Would it be possible for us to meet up there or could you introduce your friends to me? Evening (thrusday or tuesday) would be the best for me
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