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  1. haha yea I posted first then checked then realised I can't delete it myself :P
  2. Deleted bro .. Haha yeah you have to be careful sometimes. I always check a few sites first
  3. Crap can you delete my latest thread. I read some news off Barry Meisel's FB page and in his usual manner he creates debate and panic by posting articles which are over 6 months old > . <
  4. I've seen bro, not to worry
  5. Yo u might wanna shift that Rosskopf interview out of the General Discussion forum and into Interviews, got a bit ahead of myself :P
  6. Aha cheers dude
  7. Well played :P
  8. haha that's pretty elite!
  9. Haha your self learning fast bro. I do all that to, so much quicker. I use to even edit a match as each set was being played live. Super fast uploading . I use to do that with the Chinese Super League. Good times.
  10. done part of it, I've figured out an efficient way of doing it, just editing clips from each video as they come instead of waiting till the end of the event and doing all. Just waiting for someone to highlight the other semi now, I d-load highlights to make the vids, means I have to watch less to find the best points and use less bandwidth.
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