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    1. Oh, and is it true that handles can be different in circumference? Or is that my imagination?
    2. So here are my list of questions:
      1. Is having a flare handle and as a result having the ability to squeeze more firmly than anatomic, more desirable and helpful with striking the ball more effectively?
      2. Would you recommend that I apply faster & harder rubber to Challenge Light, rather than going up to Challenge Force?
      3. Is the Synchro an actual legitimate blade that can be used by players wanting to get serious, or is it more for recreation?
      4. If I can only find an Anatomic or Straight handle, is there a way to make it a Flare handle?

      Thank you for your time
    3. What's more is that I got to hold my friend's Timo Boll Spirit Flare, and the handle was rather comfortable. I think it was comfortable because the "neck" was narrower than my Timo Boll All Flare. And I'm not sure if this is desirable but because the Flare handle is narrower than Anatomic, it felt like I could squeeze/grip firmer (kind of like shaking hand with big hands vs small hands) which felt good to be able to squeeze more firmly.

      What I really like about the Challenge Light is the "feeling/softness/Vibration" and it's lower weight
      I also got the Adidas V1.1 and found it too "hard" - too "pingy" and somewhat heavy

      And then I noticed that Adidas had Synchro Unity/Plus.
      They are rated by Adidas as even more vibration. Also they are even lighter than Challenge Light.

      I'm also considering Challenge Force because I'm told by experienced players that Challenge Light may be too slow for me now.
      I can only find "Anatomic" or "Straight" version of Challenge Force.
    4. ?And this is when I discovered Adidas. First off I like the company Adidas and was surprised theywere involved with table tennis, but the added benefit is that their equipmentare on sale because Adidas has left the market. The fact that their equipment areon sale intrigue me because it means that I can purchase and try more thingsfor a set amount of money.

      However, it doesn'tmean that this is an inexpensive process - I do find that I'm spending way toomuch.
      And the reason isbecause of my curiosity - "is this or that blade or rubber better forme?" continues to haunt me

      I did buy the AdidasChallenge Light Anatomic - and I like it.
      I bought theAnatomic in response to the poor feeling with Timo Boll All Flare handle.
      However, I'm notaware of anyone using Anatomic handle
    5. Hi Yogi_bear,

      I have some questions about equipment that I think you may be the only person who can help me with as you've seem to be the only person who tested the equipment I'm interested in. And so I hope you can lend me a hand. (This message will be split into 4 parts because I'm limited to 1000 character lengths)

      I'm new to table tennis equipment. I think my level is about beginner-intermediate. ie. I'm developing fairly quickly over past 2 months.

      Because I'm new to equipment and don't know what I wanted, the local racket shop sold me multiple expensive carbon pre-made rackets.
      I've since discovered that those rackets are probably not suitable for my level and development.

      And so I bought a Timo Boll All blade flare. However, the handle didn't feel good. It felt too wide around the "neck" of handle and so I felt like my hand was gripping hard to prevent the racket from slipping out. I tried to sand the "wings", but it still doesn't feel secure.

      To be continued
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