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  1. For Rubbers

    1. Stick to same Rhyzer 48 and 43
    2. Stiga DNA pro M
    3. Razka 7
    4. Rozena
    5. Tenergy 05fx

    My son has Rozena on all wood blade and it’s very consistent and a blocking machine.

    I would say he needs something with control. He previously used Rhyzer 48 both sides and I told him try the 43 for more control and it helped him so I would say something like that.

    Questions are how do the others compare to Rhyzer 48 and 43 that he had before so then I can give him accurate advice.

    Cheers buddy
  2. He asked for my advice on equipment. I use Apolonia with Dignics 09c and 80 but won’t recommend that as I know it will not suit him. I would recommend something close to what he had but I don’t want to give him wrong advice so if I may list some suggestions below and you give me feedback.


    1. Victus zx gear IN or Victus gear fibre
    2. Butterfly IFL ALC
    3. Stick to same as before Joola Fever

    I’m guessing as fever was composite he may want another composite I haven’t actually asked.
  3. Hi yogi

    Rather than opening up old threads I tho I ask u directly. A team mate contacted me for advice and has had all his equipment stolen and is looking to replace but I think he’s looking for something different. It makes me think that he’s not had it stolen but is embarrassed to say he’s a EQJ and wants to try something else lol... anyway..,
    He previously had joola fever blade with rhyzer 48 on fh and Rhyzer 43 on Bh. However at one stage I did advice him to try something bit slower on fh for control but he didn’t really listen.
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