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  1. Hi Baal I hope all is well with you. I just have few questions about viscarias and i hope you can help me. I have 86, 88 and 91g viscarias.

    1. Is it true that viscarias has better feel with tb alc?
    2. Is it faster than tb alc?
    3. If i want faster and more feel than my tb alc, what weight would you recommend for me to use from the 3?

    These 3 viscarias are all new and i havent tried yet with rubbers.

    My current setup is tb alc w/ 05fx fh&bh.

    Im thinking of transitioning to viscaria with 05 fh and 05fx bh. What can I expect from this setup? Or do you have a setup to recommend for controlled attacker type of playing?

    Thank you so much Baal, would really appreciate your advice! More power to you!
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