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  1. Yes, the rubber felt harder. I play with relatively hard stuff with soft topsheet (and BD has soft topsheet), but I need something that lets me manipulate the ball. Hard stuff requires too hard a swing to get things moving sometimes and I don't swing hard enough for the 39 or 40 degree sponges. I also like to use the same stuff on both FH and BH so it was hurting my BH the most.
  2. Thanks man. Also, you mentioned something aboud rhe sponges getting harder for the newer batches or somwthing along those lines? What did u notice (if anything)?
  3. Not an equipment expert per se. I did use Big Dipper but stopped because I didn't like the inconsistent quality control. Also Big Dipper's softest is 38 deg. I haven't used any of the others. But yes, Big Dipper was very good for me on both FH and BH. If they made the QC consistent, I would probably still be using the 38 deg today as the quality of my counterattack with it was very strong.
  4. Hey man. Im debating getting either h3 neo /yinhe jupiter for my forehand/backhand or the big dippers medium fh/soft bh. Any suggestions?

    Im a two winged penhold looper/attacker (rpb) so i prefer tacky rubbers on both side.
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