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  1. I previously used Tenergy 05 and 05Fx but after trying Dignics I preferred the control. Short game is better and so is countering. I prefer Dignics 80 over Dignics 05 as found it easier to use and generate speed just like Dan said in his review few months ago.

    If Dignics 09C much slower than Dignics 80? Are u using on fh or Bh or both?

    From initial impressions of people it would be slower, but spinnier, serves would be better at keeping low and short and short game would be better with countering being probably its strongest aspect.
  2. You lose out on speed a bit but other areas of the game become easier.
    That´s how I would sum it up after playing with it some more.
  3. Hi mate. Do you have update on how you find new dignics09C now? Have you been using it more?

    I’m more interested on fh side. Currently I use Dignics80 both sides.
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