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    Conversation Between Charlie and Dan

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    1. Yeah, will be back up and running soon
    2. is the chat lounge down?
    3. just so u know i havent been very active and will have little to no activity for next 1-2 weeks got alot of exam and home stuff goin on
    4. sry bout last night lost internet connection and i cba to reset router to get connection back
    5. can u change my name on this? if so could u change my username to "Charlie"
    6. nope got 0 posts now..... can u mod me on equitment?
    7. Come in ttd chat lounge
    8. Hey am so sorry!!

      I deleted your account by mistake!! (

      I cant restore your stuff... the posts shoul still be there tho bro... im sorry bout that big mistake from me!
    9. my acount got deleted..... can u restore my posts and mod on equitment?
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