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    Conversation Between Suga D and SquareBall

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    1. I think I remember that website telling the composition of blades but it didn?t have mine.
      Thanks a lot for the help, have fun playing table tennis
    2. Hey Squareball,
      i took a look at the link and all it says is that they used a 4mm kiri ply as core ply, which is a little thinner than other off blades and should be better controlable, which sounds like a typical advertisement. Unfortunately they say nothing about the other plies, only that it supports a spin oriented game.
      I hope this helps a little.
      A couple of days ago someone posted a link to a database where most blades are listed in terms of plies. I hope i can find it again. Maybe they have that blade listed.

      See you around.
    3. Hello Suga D, I know you are German from you posts and flag, so, in short I am trying to find out what my blade plies are and found this http://www.tischtennis.biz/tsp-tisch...iller-off.html saying that it is Kiri core with "Kernfurnier" ?? So if you can please see the link and tell me what you understand from that.
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