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    1. Hi EmRatThich thanks for all your videos, that helped my game, I am your fan from Slovakia. I sended you 1 question - in forum - thickness of rubber! today please. If you can send me your opinion, it is for me very important to improve my game because I love table tennis. My problem. Iam lefthander player, winning stroke is FH topspin, when I learned to play topspin my FH rubber was reactor tornado max. Actualy my equipment - avalox blue thundet 550, rubber FH, BH Yasaka rakza 7 -2.0.I love rakza but I think that tacky rubber be better- I want somethind light, tacky and bouncy ( europe play style) iam looking about - Yasaka Shining Dragon 2,0 or max i dont which thickness will be better. Tell me is a good idea this rubber on FH?What will you recommend me?Thank for all, good job
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