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  1. I've also wanted to try a Chinese rubber once but never did it coz I'm quite weak at my forehand basics. In the start I was good with Omega V Asia on my forehand but now I want a rubber like can say Dignics 05 but I can't afford it as it's way too expensive and I can't keep buying it everytime as we don't get genuine equipment here in India. Suggest me a rubber which should somewhat work like Dignics 05. Or suggest me where I can get this rubber only at a feasible/affordable/economical price.
    I want to buy a Viscaria or Long 5, Butterfly Free Chack Pro or any good glue, Butterfly Hard Case, 2pcs of Red Backhand Rubbers, and 2pcs of Black Forehand Rubbers.
  2. Basically, I want to change my forehand rubber because I have a some problem in my forehand action and this time there's a little disturbance with it. I'm working upon it and soon I'll be perfect at it I know coz I'm working hard to form a particular action. And please suggest me ways to master one proper forehand action. I really need to work hard! I'm satisfied with my backhand. I have great backhand strokes and a good weel too. I have no problem in my backhand. I just need to be a little consistent coz the only reason I lose is always my rash/negative points.
    I want to overcome this.
    So, this was the reason I've been so confused with my new setup.
    Actually, I want to opt a dominant, aggressive, attacking and offensive + playing style. So I want to have a good forehand too. I don't want slow or normal spinney topspin like Timo, but hard hits like Ma Long or Zhang Jike's playing style.
  3. Hey Yogi, can you please explain me for the suggestion you made for the rubber selection I need to do. Your suggestions seem to be practical and good for me. Thanks!

    My Current Setup - Butterfly Timo Boll ZLC, Xiom Omega V Asia Max (forehand) and Yasaka Rakza 7 Max (backhand).

    Blade - Butterfly Viscaria / Hurricane Long 5?

    Forehand rubber - Tibhar Evolution MX-P 50°, DHS Goldarc 8 50°, Andro Rasanter R47, Xiom Omega VII. Or any other?
    But, leaving all, I would love to go for Dignics 05 (but it's way too costly) can I get it from somewhere at a feasible/economical/affordable price?

    Backhand, I'm happy with Yasaka Rakza 7.
    And yes, for once, can you compare Rakza 7 and Rasanter R47 for backhand? Which is beteer?
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