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  1. Thanks Baal! We will keep an eye on him!
  2. At MyTT we have had a for sale scammer who has victimized at least two members and who has been hitting sites across Europe. Be on the lookout for him in case he comes here.

    He uses the names "Riky", "Erik" and "Petra".

    This person is actually named Erik Zegermacher. His wife is named Petra Zegermacherova and sometimes he uses her mailing address. They live at:

    Seifertova 1056
    Trebon, 37901
    Czech Republic

    He has used the following IP addresses on table tennis forums.

    The e-mail address he uses is: [email protected] (when he is "Erik") and [email protected] when he is "Riky".

    Hopefully we can keep him from scamming anyone here. He tends to offer trades.
  3. For your info, see here. I banned the Andrei dude from UK who has the insane prices on blades.
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