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  • Một lượng Huyết Thiềm Mộc, đại khái có thể bán được một lượng lưu ly.
    lop hoc ke toan tong hop thuc hanh tai ha tinh
    lop hoc ke toan tong hop thuc hanh tai vinh nghe an
    trung tam day ke toan thuc hanh tai tan binh

    Nói cách khác, giá của Huyết Thiềm Mộc cũng giống như lưu ly.
    booster normally applied on glue layer. So you can just remove the glue. but if the booster has already infused in the sponge to a dome. You can only wait for about 2-3 weeks to let it defuse.
    National version has larger head size (161mm) while provincial version has smaller headsize (158mm). The national is a bit heavier and stronger FH if you have enough power and footwork (because of the enlarged headsize). But Provincial version has stiffer backhand so blocking is faster. National's BH is a bit soft, thus you need to put your own power to the ball in each rally instead of just simple blocking, just like those national players.
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