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  • Hello, Baal.

    I saw your comments about sealing the blades with hairspray. Could you tell me how to do it? how much to spray?

    Could you make a short video of how to do it? Haha.

    Thanks you so much in advance.
    Agree our discussion is probably off the topic a little.
    But in itself it is quite funny and interesting - don't you think? I very much appreciate your comments too. The history you wrote about wasn't really mine, so ... I wouldn't want to be prejudiced too - I hope you see what I mean. For sure fighting or alienating anybody is not my game - trust me too : )
    ok, I will go back and make sure you have access.

    Be sure to write an apology as soon as you can get on.

    Your password will be igor
    Access denied so far.

    January 12, 2015

    Mr, Baal
    Be assured,, I will gladly make some due moderation in my recent post. Yes.
    Dear Sir

    Please let me re-enter MyTT forum. I'm sincerely willing to reword my recent post, you know what.

    Do bear no rasism in my mind, nor malice behind. The "strong language" just to better articulate the Chinese overwhelming superiority to all the outer world. Sure, Chinese pingpang athletes must be some superhuman beings, demonic perhaps?

    Yours truly
    Igor Novick
    Hi Baal, a permanent ban has been put in place :)

    Thanks for letting me know. Regards,
    Hi Baal I hope all is well with you. I just have few questions about viscarias and i hope you can help me. I have 86, 88 and 91g viscarias.

    1. Is it true that viscarias has better feel with tb alc?
    2. Is it faster than tb alc?
    3. If i want faster and more feel than my tb alc, what weight would you recommend for me to use from the 3?

    These 3 viscarias are all new and i havent tried yet with rubbers.

    My current setup is tb alc w/ 05fx fh&bh.

    Im thinking of transitioning to viscaria with 05 fh and 05fx bh. What can I expect from this setup? Or do you have a setup to recommend for controlled attacker type of playing?

    Thank you so much Baal, would really appreciate your advice! More power to you!
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