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  • Hi Chen,
    I am Daniel from Romania and i will like to buy the same setup,like the one you use it,W968,H3 nat.blue and orange sponge,can you please help me?
    If the answer is yes ,let me now the price!
    Thank you very much!
    Hey Chen- do you have any rubbers for sale? If so which ones? Saw the red 05 pro on the forum but it's from a few weeks ago.

    Hello Chen, I would like to purchase w968 blade, can you send me the ge weight of it please? Also would like to order some national rubbers as well. Let me know how we can do the payment thru PayPal.

    Just sharing some feedback on the W968 penhold blade bought from Chen a few days ago. For those wondering what are the differences between the W968 and the commercial HL 5, I can say that visually you can tell that the finishing of the W968 is better. Wood quality is higher and the attention to detail is better. I had just tested the blade with the DHS Hurricane 3 National Blue Sponge. Comparing to my HL 5, it's faster and more powerful with less dwell time. That's my initial assessment. And by the way, Chen is a honest seller. Product arrived on time. No issue buying from him.
    Hi Chen, my national team member recommended me to you. He says that you are a very reliable guy to deal with. I am wondering whether to get a Viscaria H, I, K series or a DHS W968 (long 5). Since the prices are similar, I am wondering which would be a good choice for me. I train at least 4 times a week and I have a Chinese coach, so my style is very Chinese style (loops, footwork, etc...). I know that it's a long shot, but I really hope to compete in international tournaments this year. Right now, I am using Viscaria q series with tenergy 05 and 80. I will change to hurricane on my fh when my technique develops, or when my coach says so. My style of play is similar to Zhang jike (except 100000x worse, of course), I am a constant user of my backhand, unlike Ma Long. Which would be the best for me? Could you please compare the two in terms of feeling on the forehand and backhand? I don't want to waste your time, so I already looked up the compositions of the blades.

    Eric Huang
    Hi, Chen I am intrestit to buy Zhang Zike Viscaria. I saw in Fusion you got your blade and spare blade. Or maybe you can get from China.Please let me know LeoTT
    Hi, Chen I am intrestit to buy your W968 blade if is still available. I will pay by PayPal.Thanks LeoTT
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