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  • Hello, sorry to bother you but I need an advice. Many of my friends ask me for advice when buying a bat when they want to improve, but honestly I really have no idea what to suggest. There is not much choice in our country and most of them dont want to order from china. I have seen you recomend 2008 XP. One of the stores i offering Dawei super power xp, I asume it is that one. There is no blade you recomended with it in the store but there is Gewo power OFFense 5 ply off- blade for 140kn (20€). Together that would be 340 kn (less than 50€). Do you think that would be a good bat for a players first serious bat? If not are there any recomendations here is a link to the store. Thank you in advance.
    Hey Willam, are going to be this afternoon at Chinese TT playing. I want to get those Nexy rubbers from you. Call &4084728934.
    Hellow, my name is kherlid ahmed, im from Zanzibar (East africa). I like and play table tennis, im glad to be here in this site so I could meet with the different people whom i can share with different ideas.
    To be honestly i wish everyday to come across borders s and much far for playing Tabletennis with different players across the world but since i got that wish when i was 10 years old till now im 24 years old i never ever succeed to get that chance due to the lack of seriousness of table tennis in my home land, but i never loss hope, i hope one day to go through coz nothing impossible under struggle.
    Bill, I'm working with my county as Henrico VA will host the Virginia Senior Games. I'm running the TT event. We need tables.

    Do you know if these are ITTF compliant? I can't find much on Joola's website. I know they're 30mm.

    JOOLA World Cup DX30 Championship Series Table Tennis Table

    Any insight, experience appreciated.

    Chuck Jordan
    You said to remind you about my arrival for the tournament so here goes: I will be arriving at 1pm on Thursday at DCA on September 22nd for the WDCCT open. I will be staying at the Red Roof Inn 9137 Baltimore Blv. in College Park. Thu-Monday Departing Noon Monday. I entered the Giant Round Robin for Saturday 930 am and the under 1700 for Sunday at noon. My phone number is 432-528-4355. If you get time I would like to hit some with you or just catch a bite to eat etc..
    Looks like smash is the place to go. Saw your team pics there. Looks like league nights are crazy with 80? people. I plan on heading there sometime in the late summer or early fall. Probably September.
    So Oh topspin master. If I take a trip to the East coast to see a Nationals game and get my butt whipped playing this game what club should I go to?
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    Hello sir. I have a new stiga tube carbo blade and I am thinking of using Donic acuda s3 for my FH and butterfly sriver for my BH. Are these rubbers good for my blade or should I choose other rubbers? I am an offensive player who uses FH and BH but with more preference to BH
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