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  • Yogi also has a review on the Eternity VPS. He really needs to post it here.


    The blades I got have been fairly heavy in Master Flare (94 and 95) - I don't know whether they were an anomaly or not as I didn't ask for those weights. The ST handle I got was an 88g so I know they can be lighter.

    I'm not a serious believer in overthinking equipment and discussing things like flex- I think for most blades, most information is captured in speed and hardness as faster blades are stiff, whether because of composites or because of thickness of the wood. IT's a fast wood blade with softer contact than the Emerald - Limba outer ply most likely.
    IT's definitely faster than the Infinity. Yogi bear's review is pretty much on point. What else do you need to know?
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