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  • I am just looking for someplace to play during a week there while I do some sightseeing and visit a couple of museums and the national Zoo. I am probably somewhere between 1300 and 1600 at this time (will know after the Tyler RR in a few weeks) but I would play anyone. Pickup games etc.. Its all fun. Even just some practice. I have been playing twice a week 120 miles away Monday and Wednesday and have finally gotten my Robot somewhat set up. Big holes in my game. Endurance is poor, no flip, weak backhand and this Tenergy -05 I had on my forehand had me popping up my push too much so I am going to try something else. In Austin right now and going to play at the club there Monday,Tue,Wed while my buddy is at work.
    They average 25-30ish, sometimes more. Prolly 12 players at or near USATT 1000, another 12 or so 1400-1600 UASTT and 6 or so 1800+. Owner is 2300 level, but cares less about his rating.

    The website always posts the latest league stats.

    Chantill has a juniors league friday night and an Elite league 1800-2200 USATT level with anywhere from 7-12 players Sunday 5 PM.

    WDCTT is in North Washington DC and has several 2200+ level players, a whole host of older dudes around 1400-1600, and they prolly got a league there too.

    I play in Chantilly Sunday Elite League, Tuesday/Friday Smash TT League, and Capitol Area Super League (Div 2)

    The famous Maryland Natl Training Center MDTTC has a gazillion juniors and some 2500+ players. That place is only 30 miles away, but over an hour drive.
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