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  • Thank you. I would try to come as soon as I can on Thursday, probably around 18:30. I have been there one time so I can get there. By the way, how can I contact you when I reach the center?
    hi infinity

    yes, please come next Thursday, i will hit a little bit with you and introduce you to other players, maybe closer to your level. I don't promise to hit the ball 2H or 1H with you, but we can have a knock.

    Do you need directions to go there ? btw its often very crowded, so if you want to be 100% sure to play at 7pm you MUST be there BEFORE 6:30 and register at the desk in the entrance of the TT room (8th = top floor). If you arrive , say at 7:10PM, chances are high there is no table left and you have to wait till 8PM to play...its 1H slots
    and so on...
    sure. may i ask what your level is ? Tuesday is unfortunately members only evening, you cannot get in. So it needs to be on Thursdays. I probably will be there next Thursday with some friends.
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