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  • Hi ,

    May i ask if you like butterfly stuff ?
    I have myself many , plus my friends,
    Mostly brand new
    We can find most current and older blades in best prices and also cpen & jpen

    I use paypal with protection or transferwise
    So , if you need anything in future keep me in mind ??????

    Also if you are reputable player in your country and could bring some people to me ,i will grand some very generous offers for you

    Worth keeping me in mind ,
    Здравейте. Казвам се Емил и случайно разбрах че живеете в БГ. Ако не е тайна в кой геад живеете защото ще се прибирам и си търся къде да поиграя. Аз съм от София, но смятам че ще бъда някой и друг ден в Пловдив както и в Севлиево.
    Поздрави .Емил
    Well, I'm a fen of Xiom, so I can advise to try Xiom Vega Tour or Xiom Vega Pro.
    They are great blades cheaper than Butterfly, but not worse.
    Pro plays very well at mid and longer distance, Tour from close to mid+.
    Pro is with a little bit harder feeling, Tour feels softer because of the kiso-hinoki.
    Both are almost semiflexy with a middle throw.
    Pro is a little bit more agresive, Tour plays very well from allarround to offensive.
    My choise is Tour.

    Spin depands on blade, but much more on rubbers and technique.
    3rd ball is not a characteristic of blade or rubber, it's just tactics.

    My advise is to consult a trainer, who will analyze your style and level and will tell you what should be best for you.
    Hello thank you for your message about blades with a big sweetspot, do you know a flexible (high throw) blade with a very good sweetspot who is very good for 3 ball killing and good spin generation ? thank you very much :)
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