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  • In your review in battle 2 from 2017 I didn’t see any info on whether you boosted it or not. Do you boost your battle 2?

    Thank you
    Hi, I sae your comme lnts on Battle 2 Prov. rubbers. It seems we have had the same impression, however, there are.people who say it is because a bad technique thay we cannot utilize the spin capabilities of these rubbers..?

    I am eondering if you've.been tryinf these rubbers.more, or you just went back to B2 Regular..?
    I would recommend all wood.
    Samsonov Alpha sgs is the best 5ply blade I know that doesnt cost like150usd or more.

    The straight handle is especially good
    I really like the h301, but carbon blades are not recommended for beginners, but they have a big sweet spot, would u say for a beginner like me i can get the h301 or should o stick with an all wood blade... would i say that h301 is like wood in feel?
    There's a huge difference between the rubber's spin potential and a player's ability to actually get that spin from the rubber.
    Ma Long has perfect technique and an Adonis body type so for him getting insane spin and power out of a hard chinese rubber is easy and it's a perfect match. Also it slows advancement.

    Stratus Powerwood is good but has a so-so sweet-spot. For my money, 2 better wood blades would be Xiom Offensive S and Tibhar Samsonov Alpha SGS. I dunno Victas rubbers so I can't say much about them.

    For ALC blades, the DHS301 is probably the best you can get in terms of feeling, yeah.
    Well, i am a beginner :D a friend of mine who is 108th in Lithuania told me that Tibhar Stratus Power Wood with Victas VS 402 double extra on the backhand and Victas V 01 limber on the forehand would be ideal, but the equipment junkie in me is telling me to go for am alc blade with pro rubbers...
    On the forehand I can tell you right now that it's going to be a combination that has so many gears that it takes someone with great touch to accurately play. It will allow you to touch the balls so softly they won't even jump off the racket or so hard they'll fly everywhere and you need expert touch to control and take advantage of it. If you can, it's a great advantage, but if you can't it will lose u points.

    On the backhand I dunno. I never used such a hard rubber on backhand on a fast blade. Seems to be it will make the whole combination a bit heavy for my taste (around 200 grams if ur blade is 90g) and hard rubbers on the backhand require better technique and power than most people have. Even pros tend to use tenergy05 on backhand which is around 42 I think.
    Thats interesting... from your reviews i remember u using dhs h301 with battle 2 rubber, i want to ask you for recommendations, i want to use dhs h301 with goldarc 8 47.5 2.0mm on the backhand and a tacky chinese rubber for forehand (i dont want to use booster cause its too expensive) do u have any recommendations? Im thinking 729 battle 2 or battle 2 provincial orange sponge.
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