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  • Hi ,

    May i ask if you like butterfly stuff ?
    I have myself many , plus my friends,
    Mostly brand new
    We can find most current and older blades in best prices and also cpen & jpen

    I use paypal with protection or transferwise
    So , if you need anything in future keep me in mind
    Hi there, many thanks for your advice a few days ago. I ended up getting the Stiga allround with 729 1.5 mm which feels really light and underpowered but has the direct feel I was looking for. Maybe I should have gone for thicker rubber but for now I will learn to use it. One question: do you know of any good TT club in Wimbledon or near? I want to get some coaching and see what a club is like as I would like to play more frequently without the risk of getting a bad reputation at work! Thanks !!
    Hi Dean,

    It was really to gauge your playing standard - Without video, it's virtually impossible to advise (although I appreciate for most people getting video of themselves is hard).

    You'll be recommend a host of options on the thread, and you can't go too far wrong to be honest!
    Hi NDH, what do you need to know about TT365 for my stats ? I'll supply what I can :)

    Dean (Medax)
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