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  • the stuff about structure you attribute to me
    then the phrase "ppp is showing.." is just blatantly inaccurate as i didnt show anything and makes me wonder if you actually watched the videos at all
    if you wanted to reference me you could just have said "ppp makes some good points" and then made your own points taking full ownership of them yourself rather than distorting my message.
    the reason i pm you is because i wanted to avoid a tedious flame war which would not benefit the op.
    i hope you will reconsider and amend your post
    yogi has a review on the emerald vps5. Was wandering the flex, hardness and weight i think is around 90? does it have good control with the added power. is there any negatives about it that i should know. I like to use a medium tensor rubber
    Thanks for the help - danny
    What up. Any chance you can give me some info on the eternity vps5? I've had my eye on it since it came out. I love my infinity, just wish it had a little more power.
    Thanks man. Also, you mentioned something aboud rhe sponges getting harder for the newer batches or somwthing along those lines? What did u notice (if anything)?
    Hey man. Im debating getting either h3 neo /yinhe jupiter for my forehand/backhand or the big dippers medium fh/soft bh. Any suggestions?

    Im a two winged penhold looper/attacker (rpb) so i prefer tacky rubbers on both side.
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