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  • Hi!! It's nice to know about a fellow Indian active on this site. I live in Mumbai, and am recently considering to buy a professional table tennis ensemble. I'm quite O.K. as a player (that's all I can say). I'm interested in purchasing a DHS blade (DHS Power-G PG7-L), and Tenergy 05 for backhand and DHS TG Skyline for forehand. My main drive behind these choices are due to their edgy repute and more particularly my balanced view on their respective properties. Also, a primary motivation has been the remarkable quality to price ratio of the DHS products.

    Now, the glitch is that I don't know of any place in India where I can find these products. I would be very grateful if you could help me find a way to purchase good quality equipment in India (online or otherwise) not necessarily the ones I have mentioned.
    Thanks so much!

    I really appreciate your comments, I hope you will post regularly to help this amazing community grow :)
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