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  • Hi Brookerbig, thanks for the message - in all honesty they are both suitable for both the plastic and celluloid ball. Try not to think to much about the ball and practice and adjust to it, that is what's most important. I played with MX-P with both plastic and celluloid and for me it worked just as well for both - there is no 'magic answer' to solve the problems of the new plastic ball, sadly!

    Pick the one that feels best to you, it's all very personal - both are well suited to both plastic and celluloid. Hope this helps!
    Hello Paul
    I have some problem of Tibhar Evo rubbers. Can you solve me with your advice.
    My problem is that i have MX-P and MX-S new rubber.
    which rubber is suitable for old celluloid ball ?
    which rubber is suitable for new plastic ball?
    Help me with your experience.
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