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  • actually i called it an app, but its a website that you can access on your mobile
    its all in Japanese alas for the time being and only works if you want to participate in one of those tournaments in Japan

    the guy wants to extend it to other countries
    thank you for your response.it was very helpful.i really respect your opinion and i will thimk again about this setup.thank again
    G-1 is good rubber for looping if your technique is adapted to new trend. It requires short, sharp, quick for looping. I like playing bigger BH topspin. At that time I was failing alot on BH Flip. After I watch Kreanga, I wanted to try softer rubber, asked it from a friend if there is left any that he doesn't use. He gave the FX-P. Much easier to spin, but now I try to be more careful on short game. I guess, I am going to switch to T05FX next season because it is not easy to play to end of table. It tends to go shorter.

    Previously I was using T05 on BH. I was having trouble with keeping the ball on the table. If your contact has less power or tempo, G-1's trajectory tends to become slightly flatter, sponge feels slightly harder.

    This is my journey with these rubbers [for now] :)
    Hi reiser,
    I even changed my FH rubber to T05. Everything is flashy with Chinese rubber but it is so hard to play second topspin. I am able to play second/third topspin but my legs fail and can't get power from my legs. Therefore, I start to swing even bigger in order to compensate lack of power from legs. Now I am able to win 1/2 set(s) against 300+ TTR players with T05 instead of losing everytime 3-0 with 729B2. If you boost, you can keep up with game speed, else good luck.

    If you like the low arc of Chinese Rubber, it is also possible to do it with T05. By sticking T05 onto an OFF- carbon blade, you can generate lots of spin and speed by engaging sponge and wood. By doing so, you will notice the 6th gear of T05.

    Boosting is another story. You can benefit both spin with brush looping and easiness on quick plays. I haven't done, but I tried my Chinese friend's boosted H3 BS.
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