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  • Mới đây Kệ siêu thị công ty 3A mới Gia ke sieu thi thi công lắp Kệ siêu thị thanh lý đặt kệ bày hàng Khung lưới treo hàng tạp hóa cho Kệ để đồ vợ chồng anh Vinh kinh doanh kệ bày hàng tại Việt Hòa, Hải Dương trong lĩnh vực chăn nuôi, thức ăn gia súc, gia cầm tại Vụ Quang, Đoan Hùng, Phú Thọ
    hi strangeloop,i saw in your profile that you use dhs pg7 blade, and i am really interesting in buying a new pg7 blade,bt shops at my place don't keep it,,i would really be glad to know from you where could i buy from..thnaks
    Hello sir. I have a new stiga tube carbo blade and I am thinking of using Donic acuda s3 for my FH and butterfly sriver for my BH. Are these rubbers good for my blade or should I choose other rubbers? I am an offensive player who uses FH and BH but with more preference to BH
    Hi Strangeloop. I saw that you are also from india . I thought we could share our experiences about table tennis. That is why I have sent you a friend request.
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