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  • tibhar evolution rubbers
    hello table tennis daily community,
    I want to buy two rubbers of tibhar evolution (for me and my friend so we can get use of the offer in tt11 3=4)
    what about mxp on fh and mxs on bh there is also fxp or elp on bh ?
    which two rubbers will serve me for long time ?
    what thicknesses is the best [I have no idea about it] ?
    I am an intermediate player training 6 hours a week , I am an offensive player on fh and allround(learning to spin) on bh (my bh need to improve more than my fh and I want to be more aggressive on both sides)
    my blade is wooden Chinese from a paddle with two chinese rubbers
    (i dont wanna be an international player just local)

    I really need you help and appreciate your co operation
    you are my rescuers
    thank you
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