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  • Hi, I used it for a while on nh, but I could not adjust quickly enough from a non-tacky rubber. I often hit flat from bh off the bounce, very effectively, and GT PS is definitely worse in that than Nittaku Fastarc G-1. But, if you always try to loop or block/push from BH, it's a very good choice, if your technique is good. I enjoyed unleashing fast loops with insane spin, when I hit a brushy stroke and engaged the sponge too. It must be a good brush and with some sponge impact, or the stroke is uncontrollable - as with typicalChinese style rubbers, brush looping with faster swing gets you speed, and sponge activation adds to that, so... Thin brushing with upper swing gives you high throw slow loops with the amount of spin I was never able to do with any other rubber on BH. And, you can loop it a typical Euro way,- then, the spin is still quite good. Anyways, it's a fast and hard rubber, and not really linear when you activate the sponge, so you might like it better for FH.
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