Reviews for: yoass
Review Summary Rating Posted On
product photo for A modest rubber that does everything well

Posted on: Vega X
4.0 / 5 Wed Sep 2nd, 2020
product photo for Lasting fun and quality

Posted on: Rozena
5.0 / 5 Mon May 13th, 2019
product photo for Responsive, predictable power

Posted on: Nano Flex FT48
5.0 / 5 Mon Dec 18th, 2017
product photo for Fun but not folly

Posted on: Rozena
4.0 / 5 Sat May 27th, 2017
product photo for Lively but not too edgy, speedy but not uncontrollable

Posted on: Vega Pro
4.0 / 5 Fri May 19th, 2017
product photo for Control first, but power aplenty

Posted on: Rasant Grip
5.0 / 5 Tue Jan 24th, 2017
product photo for Treiber K: up there with the best for OFF play

Posted on: Treiber K
5.0 / 5 Mon Jan 9th, 2017
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