Well, after buying and playing with multiple fast expensive blades like Viscaria, Vega Pro and Liu Shiwen I wanted to know how I would play with the cheapest blade I could find. I played three league matches with it and I came to the conclusion that I play better with the Yasaka Sweden Extra than with all those fast expensive blades. More importantly, I have more fun playing with the Yasaka Sweden Extra. The feeling is great and I am much more consistent in rallying. My results are much better with this blade.

So, I guess my journey has ended. I’m convinced that I am not going to buy any other blades than the Yasaka Sweden extra.

For reference: I play table tennis for 15 years (USATT: between 2000-2200) and I am an offensive player. I try to attack every ball that is long enough or flick with my backhand. I only push when they serve short to my forehand. I try to stay close to the table since my footwork is not one of my strengths.