Just to be clear: This review is for the D40+ balls (Ding Ning's picture on the box).

These are very good balls. In my mind, the Nittaku 3-star Premium 40+ is the standard of 40+ balls. This DHS ball is a good alternative, and the ball plays consistently and has good speed. I can tell the difference between these and the Nittaku ones right away, as the Nittaku balls sounds should higher pitched when bouncing/hitting. This gives the impression that the Nittaku ball is harder than these DHS balls.

I have played with it for a few weeks and like it more now than when first trying it. The first two balls out of the box didn't feel right, somehow. Now that I am used to how a non-damaged ball plays, this is a really good ball, and though a little different in feel from the Nittaku Premium 40+ it is still excellent. Very spinny, not overly bouncy, pretty consistent, though consistency could still be improved. I am changing this review back to 4-star, as I find that too many of the new balls have issues straight out of the box. Some sound broken. When the balls are first-quality, they play wonderfully; but, too many in the box should have been caught at the QA stage.