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    Reviews posted by Table Tennis Reborn
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        Posted 04-10-2020
        5.00 A tacky rubber
        • Topsheet
        • Tacky
        • Control

        • Price
        I bought this rubber as I was curious. I only bought one sheet... for obvious reasons. I have played it 3 times at home in the garage against my robot so I still need to try it in matches when I can eventually get back to my club but one thing I can say is this rubber has so much more control than Tenergy 05. It feels closer to Hurricane 3 than to Tenergy 05. I have used Hurricane 3 before and the Dignics 09c is quicker.

        Still unsure on how much spin I am producing ill know more when I play against people. When I put the robot to backspin setting i am top spinning the ball easily. The topsheet is very grippy.

        Ill edit this review in the future as I need to test it more in matches, I can only try it against my robot so I need to see what it's like when someone attacks me.
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        Posted 02-21-2015
        4.00 Awesome Rubber
        • Spinny, control
        • Durability

        • slow
        I've been using this rubber for over a year now and I can trust it during my strokes. It has great control and spin and is overall generally a really good rubber which last for a long time.
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