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    Der_Echte's review on Tibhar Aurus

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    Tibhar Aurus
    5.00 (4 reviews) Price: $50
    5.00 [5.00]Aurus is the Swiss Army Knife of Table Tennis
    • Controlable
    • Very Durable
    • Great Spin/Gears
    • Not a Rocket
    Aurus is truly a modern Swiss Army Knife for players on the warpath in TT battle.

    Aurus is a modern version of an offensive control rubber. In the older days, we had really slow, but controlable rubbers that had gears (Think Sriver) and in modern times, we demand a lot more performance from our rubbers, because we are not supposed to speedglue or tune our rubber. Therefore, we demand glued performance straight fromm the package. Since there is no TRUE glued rubber right out of the package, we of course have comprimises. Aurus will not give you 100% glue feel or glue spin. It WILL, howver, give you a lot of gears and spin and control at a medium fast control able pace on most shots with a decent top end.

    Speed and spin ratings are difficult to assign numbers to and the same player may use a different stroke in a different situation with the same rubber and the speed/spin will be all different. It is difficult for different reviewers to all think the same way and use the same convention the same way consistently, so everyone should take it all with a grain of salt.

    That is what is good about TTD Dan's Video reviews is that he tests the performance of the rubber/blade in several dynamic common situations for offensive players, such as opening vs underspin, re-looping, counter hit, smash, serve, loop vs dead ball, slow heavy topspin, fast loop, flick just to name almost a common dozen.

    Aurus has a very hard sponge, but a very supple, grippy topspheet that will give you the impression of a much softer rubber. Overall, it is not as fast as the fastest rubbers, but it has more gears accross the range and much more control in manyu of them. Remember, to get absoulute top end speed, you give something up. Aurus is not as reactive to spin as some rubbers and combined with the elastic topsheet and hard sponge, you have suprisingly good control on slow tocuh shots in the short game and that same topsheet helps you in faster passive shots like a push deep at opponent.

    It is stable on flat hits (but not absolute super high end pace) and smashes. On counterloops, it will grab the ball and give it back with what you give it, the rubber is very linear there. On a fast loop vs a push, you get some catapult added to your shot to go along with a boatload of spin. Varying the spin is easier with Aurus over the average rubber.

    If you play everyday for hours at a time, this rubber will not let you down. It lasts WAY longer than the favored Tenergy rubbers we all love. I usually get 300+ hours out of it. many modern rubbers make you want to rip off the rubber after 100-150 hours. Many dont even make it that long. This rubber can be found at half the cost of top end expensive modern rubbers (if you look for a sale) and the price performance ratio of this rubber is among the best you will find.

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